Visit the Admiral Brown Centre Foxford

A quirly little museum commemorating the Foxford-born founder of the Argentine Navy

Admiral Brown Centre Foxford

The Admiral Brown Centre Foxford is a quirky little museum commemorating Admiral William Brown (Guillermo Brown) (1777-1857), the founder of the Argentine Navy.

Brown was born in Foxford in the year 1777, in a small whitewashed cottage located on Providence Road. In 1788 at the age of eleven, he emigrated to America with his family.

Brown is regarded as one of the big heroes of Argentine history, to such an extent that he has named after him several ships of the Argentine Navy, an Argentine naval base, three towns, 320 schools, six football clubs and about 1100 streets.

For many years, the story of Admiral Brown was not very well-known in his native country, until Foxford native JJ O’Hara set out to rectify this, in an campaign lasting over a decade which resulted in a strong link being developed between Foxford and Argentina. Now, Brown is synonymous with Foxford, and has been commemorated on postage stamps issued both by Argentina and by the Irish Republic. Argentinian visitors frequently make a point of visiting Foxford to commemorate the man and learn about his early life.

For more information on this interesting character intertwined in the fabric of Foxford, contact the Admiral Brown society in Foxford by emailing or visit the Admiral Brown Centre Foxford, which is located right next door to the famous Foxford Woollen Mills.



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