Argentine group visits Foxford – birthplace of Admiral William Brown

Founder of the Argentine Navy was born in Foxford

Argentinian Group pictured with statue of Admiral William Brown Foxford, August 2017 with the Admiral Brown Society

Foxford’s Admiral Brown Society were delighted to host and welcome the Argentine / Irish Association “Almirante Brown” on their recent visit to Foxford – the birthplace of the hero of Argentina, Admiral William Brown. And what a delightful pleasure it was for Oliver Murphy, on behalf of the Admiral Brown Society to welcome them to Foxford.   

The excellent members of staff at the Admiral  Brown Centre were also delighted to meet their guests. Their visit commenced with a tour of the Admiral Brown museum, where Jorge Mackey on behalf of the members of the association, presented a wonderful bronze plaque, depicting the image of Admiral William Brown to the museum, a gift which will no doubt be cherished and placed in a prominent position, in the museum.

Members of CCE Admiral Brown, John McHugh, Maria Lynn, Tom Doherty and David Doocey delivered a wonderful performance of traditional Irish music, much to the delight of the Argentine visitors. During a delicious meal in the Foxford Woollen Mills Café, the group burst into an impromptu song in spanish entitled “Solo le Pido a Dios” (I only trust in God) and afterwards their driver, Calvin Marillier sang a excellent rendition of “Amazing Grace”.

The group then visited the new Admiral William Brown Promenade, on Green Road and were very impressed with all that has been achieved in the ongoing quest of the Admiral Brown Society and the local community to raise the profile of and honour Admiral Brown.  And as the group departed our town for the Knock Marian Shrine, it was evident that the group had enjoyed visiting Foxford, and experienced some enriching memories to take back to Argentina. 


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About the Admiral Brown Society

A voluntary, non-profit-making organisation based in Foxford, Co. Mayo – the birthplace of Admiral William Browne – The Admiral Brown Society is dedicated to ensuring that his extraordinary legacy and life story, which bonds together Ireland and Argentina will not be forgotten. The Admiral helped to create Argentina, overseeing famous victories over Spanish and Brazilian fleets, usually against overwhelming odds and over 1,000 streets, 400 statues, several towns and a major city bear his name in his adopted land.

In Foxford, you can visit the Admiral Brown Museum, adjacent to the Foxford Woollen Mills from Tuesday to Saturday each week.  And of course you can visit the Admiral William Brown Promenade, (on Green Road) the Admiral Brown Monument, (on Chapel Road) and the Statue of the Virgin of Lujan in Saint Michael’s Church on Chapel Road.

Visit the historic town of Foxford where a warm welcome awaits you!

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Pictured presenting a plaque of Admiral William Brown to Oliver Murphy, (right) Admiral Brown Society, Foxford is Jorge Mackey of the Argentine - Irish Association Almirante Brown.

Pictured presenting a plaque of Admiral William Brown to Oliver Murphy, (right) Admiral Brown Society, Foxford is Jorge Mackey of the Argentine / Irish Association Almirante Brown.

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