Brabazon Family Memorial Ceremony, Swinford – 20th June 2018

In Swinford @ 2.30pm

Brabazon family Swinford

The Brabazon family memorial ceremony will take place in the recently restored Church of Ireland graveyard in Swinford, following the restoration by Mayo County Council where six Brabazon family plaques and two Brabazon sarcophagi (in the extant crypt of the demolished St Mary’s church) were discovered. The ceremony to commemorate the Brabazon family will be a blessing conducted by Canon Andrea Wills of Foxford (CoI) and Fr Dermot Meehan (PP Swinford). The plaques will be wall-mounted and the entrance to the crypt will be cleared.

Swinford town itself owes its origins to the Brabazons; during the Cromwellian settlement the land was given to the Parish of Kilconduff.  The Brabazon family originally came to Ballinasloe from Leicester in England and came to Swinford on August 12th 1652 after they were dispossessed of their castle and lands in England.  Anthony Brabazon fled to Spain and his son George and his wife Sarah Burke from Galway came to Kilconduff and built the Brabazon house and stable in Swinford.  The last of the Brabazons left the estate in 1864, and later into the 1800’s the estate was sold to the Congested District Board, who gave it to the Land Commission.

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Hosts of this Brabazon family memorial event: Michael Brabazon, his daughter Bridget, his son James, and his grandchildren Max and Bella.  Guests addenting are: the Earl & Countess of Meath (Head of the Brabazon Family); Swinford Brabazons; Mayo historians – Anne Chambers, Bernard O’Hara, Nollaig O Muraile, Bridget Clesham and Eamonn Henry; Mayo County Council representatives; Cllr Michael Smyth of Swinford; leading Swinfordians Joe Mellett, Marie Walsh, Michael Comer, Brendan Cassidy.

All of Swinford welcome you to come this event.

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