A duo of drawing delights in Ballina and Ballycastle – October 2018

Two stunning exhibitions to savour

Ballinglen arts foundation and Ballina Arts Centre artists Jean Carabine, Betty Gannon, Sarah Lundy and Chris Doris

We’re blessed in North Mayo to continuously have the opportunity to engage in high-quality arts content on our doorsteps in Ballina Arts Centre, and the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Ballycastle. Coming up this month are two wonderful exhibitions featuring artists Jean Carabine, Betty Gannon,  Sarah Lundy and Ed Miliano’s for art lovers to savour – details below.

Ballina Arts Centre

L I N E  – an exhibition of drawings by Jean Carabine, Betty Gannon and Sarah Lundy opens in Ballina Arts Centre on Thursday, September 6 at 8pm and will run until 27th October. 

L I N E is an exhibition looking at different approaches to drawing, featuring the work of three artists, for whom drawing is essential to their practice. Each artist approaches drawing from a different perspective, but all of their work is contemporary and grounded in a conceptual framework. This  exhibition runs until 27th October. Admission free. All welcome.

For more information, call Ballina Arts Centre on 096 73593, email info@ballinaartscentre.com or visit www.ballinaartscentre.com.


Ballinglen Arts Centre

Ed Miliano’s Exhibition “No Ordinary Place”  Exhibition runs until 30th October

Ballinglen Arts Foundation



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