Heritage Week in Mayo North – your guide to what’s on

Celebrate people and place in Mayo North from August 20th -28th 2016

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National Heritage Week takes place from August 20th -28th 2016 throughout Ireland. National Heritage Week is coordinated by The Heritage Council, with the aim of growing awareness and educating the public about our heritage, thereby encouraging its conservation and preservation. National Heritage Week in Mayo is set to be a busy 8 days,  with a huge variety of events happening throughout the region.  Here’s some of the events happening during Heritage Week in Mayo North this year.


Historical Walking Tours of Ballina (24th August 19:00 – 21:30)

Things to do in BallinaBallina Past and Present : Mar a Bhí agus Mar Atá, presented by Carmel Hughes,local historian.

Visit Local Historic Sites in the town with Carmel’s guidance, from pre-Historic, through the centuries to the present day. Patrician and Medieval era :The 1798 Rebellion :the Famine : The Land League, War of Independence to modern Ballina.  Carmel is a former post-primary teacher and the Hon Treasurer of the North Mayo West Sligo Heritage Group.

Contact the organiser for times – details below.


Venue Name: The Font, Bury Street.
Address: Bury St, Ballina, Co Mayo.
Event Organiser/Organisation: North Mayo West Sligo Heritage Group
Email: jimhenry626@hotmail.com
Telephone: 087 6426349


“The Spirits of 1916” (24th August 19:00 – 21:00)

Heritage Week in Mayo Jackie Clarke CollectionUnder the guidance of the Jackie Clarke Collection’s Community and Volunteer Programme, the Collection will deliver an inspired evening of poetry, music, songs and drama.In honor of all the people involved in the 1916 Rising. The evening will concentrate around the seven signatories of the 1916 Proclamation delivering to the audience compositions by Padraig Pearse, Thomas McDonagh and more.

Jackie Clarke (1927-2000) collected the largest collection of 1916 material outside of Dublin which is housed in the Jackie Clarke Collection on Pearse Street Ballina Co Mayo. The material in the collection comprises over 100,000 artefacts and spans over 400 years. It includes letters and the long-lost cockade/hat badge belonging to Theobald Wolfe Tone; personal items from the leaders of the 1916 Rising; autographed letters from Michael Collins, Dr Douglas Hyde, Charles Gavin Duffy, John Devoy, Michael Davitt and O’Donovan Rossa. It also contains rare books, manuscripts, photographs, posters, Original 1916 Proclamation, An Original Irish War News, legal papers, badges, pamphlets, handbills, art works of a political nature including signed lithographs of portraits of political leaders by Sir John Lavery, maps some dating prior to the 17th Century and before.

Venue Name: Jackie Clarke Collection
Address: Pearse St, Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Event Organiser/Organisation: Mayo County Councils – Jackie Clarke Collection
Email: aforbes@mayococo.ie
Telephone: 09673508
Website: www.clarkecollection.ie


The archaeological context of a village souterrain: Killala, Co. Mayo (25th August, 17:30 – 18:30)
Round Tower Killala


One of the unusual aspects of Killala is the presence of a substantial souterrain in the centre of the village, near St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

A photographic survey of the site was carried out in August 2015. The results of this and other recent archaeological research in the village, which is rich in heritage and history will be presented on the night at an illustrated talk on the Killala Souterrain and associated sites in the area.


Venue Name: The Joe Keane Creative Centre
Address: The Old Deanery, Steeple Hill, Townplots East, Killala, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Event Organiser/Organisation: Sue Zajac
Telephone: 0876260777

A demonstration of Woodturning by Craobh Eo Woodturners (25th August 19:30 – 21:00)

5th Mayo Beaver woodturning WebWoodturning is a highly skilled ancient craft and members of the Craobh Eo Woodturners will give a live demonstration of woodturning in Ballina Library on 25th August.

The Craobh Eo Woodturners are a chapter of the Irish Woodturning Guild, based in Mayo, set up in 2004 with 39 members comprised of people from all walks of life. They meet monthly in the Craobh Eo centre to compare their turnings, share experience and hold regular workshops . The club’s aim is to promote woodturning by providing a platform for new & experienced woodturners to enjoy their passion.


Venue Name: Ballina Public Library
Address: Pearse St, Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Event Organiser/Organisation: Barbara Varley / Ballina Library
Email: bvarley@mayococo.ie
Telephone: 096 70833


Craobh Eo Woodturning Exhibition in Ballina Library (all week)

Heritage week in Mayo woodturningThe Craobh Eo Woodturners meet monthly in the Craobh Eo centre to compare their turnings, share experience and hold regular workshops. The club’s aim is to promote woodturning by providing a platform for new & experienced woodturners to enjoy their passion. Woodturning is the action of shaping wood with a lathe and has been practiced from at least the 6th century BC. It had made its way to Britain and Ireland by the 2nd century BC. Down the centuries, throughout Ireland, rural communities would have engaged the services of the woodturner to manufacture domestic utensils such as trenchers, bowls, dishes, vessels and simple furniture. Woodturned objects went into decline in the 1930’s but recently there has been a resurgence in interest in the craft. Wood-turning is a highly skilled craft and the woods best suited to the craft are elm, apple, cherry, pear and walnut, all of which reveal beautiful graining when polished.


Times/Venues 20th August 10:00 -16:00 | 23rd August 10:00 -20:00 | 24th August 10:00 – 20:00 | 25th August 10:00 – 17:00 | 26th August 10:00 – 17:00 | 27th August 10:00 -16:00
Venue Name: Ballina Public Library
Address: Pearse St, Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Event Organiser/Organisation: Barbara Varley / Ballina Library
Email: bvarley@mayococo.ie
Telephone: 096 70833


Downpatrick Head Whale Watch (27th August 14:00 – 17:00)

This lmedium_dn_brste_at_downpatrick_head__ballycastle_north_mayo16_july_2013_023_opt-2ocal whale watch event forms part of All-Ireland Whale Watch day; where the public and visitors alike are invited to join the IWDG for a free and guided land-based whale watch at local headlands th

roughout the Island of Ireland on the afternoon of Saturday 27th August. As with any form of wildlife watching, there are of course no guarantees of sightings, but given reasonable weather you have a good chance of seeing some of the marine mammal species that can be viewed locally.

You should dress appropriately for the weather on the day and leave your pets at home. Please note there are no boat trips involved and all watches are from land. There may be a short elevated walk from the meeting point to your actual watch site. Optics are important for whale watching, and we recommend you bring a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope. Boots should be worn, if your local watch requires a walk over rough ground to the actual watch site. Bring your sense of humour, some fluids and nibbles for this 3 hour event.

Venue Name: Car Park
Address: Downpatrick Head, Knockaun, Ballycastle, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Event Organiser/Organisation: Irish Whale and Dolphin Group
Email: aoifefoley@ucc.ie
Telephone: 085 8276984
Website: www.iwdg.ie



Mr. Yeats Visit to Killala (27th August 20:00 – 22:00)

Mr Yeats visit to killalaAn evening of poetry, story and song
inspired by William Butler Yeats, performed by people from the area.

The event celebrates Killala’s connection to the iconic Irish poet and Nobel Laureate WB Yeats, and the influence of the town, people and local events on his life and works through music, poetry and song.

This year, his visit will mark Yeats’ involvement in the Irish Nationalist movement and commemorate events of Easter 1916, including how Mayo answered Cathleen Ni Hoolihan’s call to arms.  Mary McBride-Walsh, grandniece of Major John McBride will read the Irish Proclamation and Killala’s own Kathleen Lynn will be remembered, recognising Mayo’s tradition of feisty, pioneering women who also responded to that call.

Venue Name: St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Address: Killala, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Event Organiser/Organisation: Hugh Trayer
Email: info@hughtrayer.com
Telephone: 085 1902223


French Mayo Trad Session Trail, Ballina (27th August 15:00 – 17:00)

Trad sessions in Ballina French Mayo trad session trailAs part of the French Mayo Festival, come and join in the fun of the Trad Session Trail along seven great venues in the heart of Ballina. Join dozens of talented singers, musicians and dancers as they bring Ballina alive with traditional Irish music, song and dance.

Featuring musicians from Gort na mBó Ceilí Band (seniors and juniors), CCÉ Ballina, CCÉ Admiral Brown (Foxford), Cooneal, Moy Valley Comhaltas group and others, this is an afternoon of song, music and dance not to be missed.

Visiting musicians welcome.


Venue Names: The Broken Jug | Rouse’s | The Loft | Hogan’s | Harrison’s | Breathnach’s | The Auld Shebeen
Address: Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Event Organiser/Organisation: Mayo North Promotions Office
Email: info@mayonorth.ie
Telephone: +353 (0) 96 70905


Free Family Fun Day, Céide Fields Visitor Centre (28th August 11:00 – 17:00)

Ceide Fields Ballycastle

A day of fun activities for all the family. Treasure Hunt, Children’s Fun “Dig”, exhibitions, demonstrations and competitions for young and not so young.




Venue Name: Céide Fields Visitor Centre
Address: Céide Fields, Conaghra, Ballycastle, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Organiser Details
Event Organiser/Organisation: OPW / Céide Fields
Email: ceidefields@opw.ie
Telephone: 09643325


General Growing and Grinding in Belderrig over 4,000 years (28th August, 16:00 – 20:00)

Remote Belderrig © Pádraig McCann

This is a workshop event, with a demonstration of grain grinding on the saddle of quern and a modern rotary quern in the coastal village of Belderrig, whose history spans nearly 6,000 years.

Take a visit to the Bronze age Cultivation ridges, and listen to a lecture on evidence for cereal growing in ancient times in Belderrig.



Venue Name: Belderrig Research and Study Centre
Address: Belderrig, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Event Organiser/Organisation: Research and Study Group Belderrig
Email: patriciacoultry@gmail.com
Telephone: 086 3528405

Life By The Sea, Belderrig (28th August, 17:00 – 18:00)

belderrig co mayo heritage week in mayo
Living off the land is an important element of our heritage in Ireland, particularly in the coastal regions where the fishing tradition goes back centuries. Fisheries expert Pádraig McAvock will give a talk on the fishing traditions of County Mayo as part of Heritage week in Mayo North.  All welcome to attend.




Venue Name: Belderrig Community Centre
Address: Belderrig, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Event Organiser/Organisation: Pádraig McAvock
Email: pptmarine@gmail.com

Heritage Week in Mayo North at the North Mayo Heritage Centre – tours and genealogy (24th – 27th August)

Enniscoe House and Gardens

Come and explore the North Mayo Heritage Centre from Wednesday 24th to Saturday 27th for Genealogy consultation, traditional skills demonstrations, historical photographic exhibition, walled garden and leisure walk through Enniscoe Woods down to the shores of Lough Conn with tours of Enniscoe House on Saturday August 27th (Only).

Gen consultancy and tour of Enniscoe House during heritage week in Mayo North must be pre-booked advance.

Full details to be confirmed.


Venue Name: North Mayo Heritage Centre
Address: Enniscoe, Crossmolina, Co. Mayo
Event Organiser/Organisation: Hugh Trayer
Email: nmhmanager@gmail.com
Telephone: 096 31809

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