Republic of Ireland strongman competition to take place in Ballina this summer


XV Republic Ireland Strongest Man 2015


For the Coveted King Fionn Trophy


Date:               Bank Holiday Monday – 4th May(Sat/Sunday still free)

Time:             12 noon Start – 4.00 pm finish (road cleared for 5.30pm)

Venue:            Ballina


This is one of the first major Irish Strongman Title of 2014 in the South of Ireland.  Competitors from all over the province will be battling for the coveted King Fionn Trophy and be crowned XV Republic Ireland Strongest Man 2014.The added bonus to this show is the top 7 will qualify for this year’s televised Ireland Strongest Man, that then leads to qualification for the televised UK Strongest Man.This is where it all starts for our pro-strongmen.


Events Planned:

Super Yoke Race

This will be a two lane event when a huge 850lbs structure being carried on each competitors shoulder over a set course of 20 metres.  A Jurassic  earth stumping event to start  of the competition.  Fastest time or distance taken wins.

Farmers For Distance

Two huge gas bottles weighing 125kg must be carriedfor distance up and down a 20 metre set course.  A real lung busting nd grip event were not only strength but fitness is the key. This will be a head to head event.

 Caveman Rock Lift Press

This is one of the most famous of Strongman presses, made so by the Viking Strongman legend  Jon Pal Sigmarsson (4×WSM) who lifted the stones on his head before pressing the caveman rocks!  It will be a series of 5 rocks weighing 80kg,90kg,100kg,110kg 120kg for this competition discipline to be pressed in 90secs. This not only involves back and bicep strength along with massive shoulder power.

Car Deadlift Hold

A head to head event, 1 tonne vehicle will be lifted and held off  the floor for a grip test for as long as possible .A grueling event that requires guts as well as grip strength.

Bavarian Stone Lift

This old time Barvarian dead lift favourite has made a return to Strongman. A deadlift like no other where you liftfor height. The weight start at 250kg to be lifted to a 1metre height before advancement to the next weight.It will continue by 25kg increase or height lifted for the win(375kg for 67cm W.R so no pressure for our strongmen.Tests deep leg and lower back power. A real fight of a dead-lift.

Strongman Medley

This will involve 3 strength tests and  will be a double lane event, head to head consisting of a duck walk where a heavy 400lb weight is carried between the legs followed by flipping an earth moving tyre weighing 1000lb finishing off with two anchor and chains of identical weight to be dragged to finish line.  This is the finale event of 6 gruelling events and it will test every sinew of the competitors body, only the strong will survive and the weak will falter.  The strongest will be crowned Ulster Strongest Man 2014 and receive the coveted Culcullen Warrior Prince Trophy.


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