Saturday Trad Sessions in Ballina – Rouse’s Bar

''There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met''

Trad sessions in Ballina at Rouse's Bar

Trad Sessions in Ballina

About Rouse’s Bar

Rouse’s Bar is a pub that plays host to non-amplified trad sessions in Ballina every Saturday night. Rouse’s Bar is highly renowned for playing host to trad sessions in Ballina, in particular the band ‘Le Chéile’. This translates as an Irish term that means ‘together’ as that is the main theme of their sessions. All people need to be able to do is play, sing, dance, or just hum a note to join in.

It’s a known fact that on several occasions that there has been as many musicians as customers in the bar! This is perfectly illustrated by Rouse’s Bars slogan- ‘’There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.’’ These very popular trad sessions can be attended every Saturday night all year, extended to Wednesday nights throughout the summer.

It is expected that these sessions will start on the second Wednesday of June to the second Wednesday of September. Anyone wishing to get in contact with Rouse’s and to get further information can do this through their Facebook page. The phone number to contact is (096) 21083 and trad sessions usually start at 10.30pm.

About Le Chéile

Le Chéile is a group of four musicians that all play stringed instruments and have been playing since 1979. They have been able to build a connection with the audiences they perform to. While they are a traditional and ballad group, they are highly flexible and adaptable and they can play modern music also.

Guest musicians, singers, and dancers are always warmly welcomed because they always bring something unique to the night. This is part of the charm of Rouse’s Bar, that you never know what you’re gonna get!

Despite the fact that traditional music is Rouse’s Bars specialty, musicians from other countries are greeted with great excitement. The members of Le Chéile are Leo Hegarty, who plays on the guitar and vocals, Jim Ruddy, who plays the mandolin, bouzouki, and vocals, Gerry O’Boyle, who plays the banjo, and Margaret Kelly, who plays the fiddle.


Enjoy a taste of a Trad session in Rouse’s! 


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