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Ballina – Ireland’s Greenest Town is an initiative to make Ballina Ireland’s greenest town by 2025. It it will be bringing together families, businesses, schools and community groups in Ballina and North Mayo to work together on ambitious, transformative projects to bring about a brighter, more sustainable future.

How you can get involved

Everyone with a passion for our home and our environment – community groups, schools and businesses – is invited to pledge to do just THREE things for our environment, join the sustainability quest and be a signatory on the new Green Town charter here at

You can identify your three objectives and sign up there and then.

Our pledges here at Mayo North

We at Mayo North have just signed the Green Town Charter, to support the Ballina – Ireland’s Greenest Town initiative. We pledge to:

✅ Work with our stakeholders in Mayo North Tourism to communicate the Green Town message, resources and information where we can, to assist them on their sustainability journey

✅ Encourage and support organisers of festivals and events locally to adopt green planning policies, and assist them in communicating their efforts

✅ We have also committed to support Ballina’s bid to become a pilot Decarbonisation Zone for Co. Mayo.

✅ Work together with the Green Town community to make Ballina and North Mayo a better place for us all to live, work and enjoy

To find out more about how YOU can make your pledge and support, visit:

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