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Band on the Strand was the brainchild of Lacken Foróige leader’s, Nonie McGee and Anne-Marie Thompson. Ten years ago these visionary leaders decided to hold the first gig on the strand in Lacken, but little could they have imagined how popular the event would become.

How is the event organised?

Each Year a committee is formed to host the event. Some of those on the present committee have been there from the very first event and are still full of enthusiasm for this year’s show. A key factor every year is choosing a suitable date. The date is selected based on the conclusion of the state examinations in June and the tidal conditions being suitable to allow the stage and equipment to be set up. The date selected must allow for this and the tide to remain out for the duration of the show. The beautiful Lacken Strand is then zoned off and all security procedures are put in place.

How are the acts selected?

The acts are selected on the basis of their suitability, availability and popularity. Then, the long arduous task of negotiating with agents on fees and performance-related details begins, before the promotion swings into full motion.

Why do bands love to play at Band on the Strand?

The event is a very popular one with bands because of its unique setting and enthusiastic audience. The organising team also have shown a unique talent for spotting up-and coming talent. Many acts now consider, when getting the invitation to partake, that it is a positive sign of a bright future in the music business. The list of those who have appeared in the past read like who’s who of the modern Irish music scene. Acts like Kodaline (then Project 21), Walking on Cars, The Academic, Keywest and Bressie have all gone on to big international success following their appearance at Band on the Strand. Many when interviewed afterwards have recalled their fond memories of having graced the Bots stage in their formative years.

Why is it such a favourite among the attendees?

Who would not want to be on a beautiful beech amongst 3000 plus friends on a balmy July evening being entertained by some of Ireland’s most talented up-and-coming artists? Our members now realise that the event is synonymous with talent and do not want to miss out on the opportunity to be able to say; “ I was one of the first to see the band close-up, in an intimate setting before they went on to achieve international recognition,playing to packed stadia”. Of course there is also all the extra attractions which are developed and added to each year. This is truly a festival-goers paradise.


Line Up 13th July  2019 

Hudson Taylor

D J Steven Cooper


Munky Tadgh

Mayo Core Music Generation 

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