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Belderrig Valley Experience will give you an immersive look back to the past. Learn how one mans trip to get fuel for his fire, unearthed part of what was to be one of the most culturally significant discoveries of the 20th century, the oldest field system ever uncovered.

Mayo North’s ‘People and Places of North Mayo’ video series, met with Declan Caulfield. The grandson Patrick Caulfield, the man who first discovered the walls in the bog, Declan runs the Belderrig Valley Experience, giving visitors an interactive and immersive dive into the history of the area.


Whilst cutting turf in 1934 Patrick Caulfield, a local school teacher and amateur archaeologist, discovered stone walls within the bog. Patrick reported the find to the National Museum, but it wasn’t until the 1960’s when his son Seamus, a Professor of Archaeology at Dublin college, gave up teaching to continue to work on what his father had discovered.

Professor Seamas Caulfield at Belderrig Valley

The work of Seamus Caulfield uncovered what proved to be the most extensive Neolithic complex of fields, houses and megalithic tombs centred at the Céide Fields. The original excavations were carried out on what is now grandson of Patrick, Declan Caulfield’s farm and it is here where you will immerse yourself in the rich history of this ancient landscape.


Based in a purpose build research facility in Belderrig Valley, located along the beautiful Ceide Coast in North Mayo. You will get the opportunity to have a real hands-on experience. Hand cut turf using traditional methods or grind some grain on ancient quern stones just like the first farmers. Take a cliff top walk to the Céide fields where you will discover the history of how these Neolithic and Bronze age farms were first discovered.

Declan Caulfield grinds corn on a traditional quern stone


Belderrig Valley Experience offers several tour options for you to unearth the riches that this wondrous and ancient landscape has to offer. For a full list of options available, please use the contact information below.


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