Blanemore Forest Archaeological Walk - Visit North Mayo

Blanemore Forest Archaeological Walk in Moygownagh is a treasure chest packed with historical secrets.

Underneath the boglands of North Mayo, 6,000 years of historical importance has recently been uncovered. This includes sacred tombs, mysterious standing stones and field walls.

Photo: Mike Kinsella

Thanks to the efforts of the local community in Moygownagh, Blanemore Forest Archaeological Walk is open to the public.  Take a deep breath , inhale the history and see the sites of where your ancestors once walked. Don’t just experience Mayo North – be a part of it!

Blanemore Forest Archaeological Walk

Trail grading level: moderate (walking) as per guidelines – on wooden boardwalk, gravel paths – see maps.

Display signs and pathways provided.

Note that you enter at your own risk. This is a Coillte-owned, working woodland for timber harvest, and diligent attention to hazardous terrain is essential.

For more information please visit Blanemore and download the mobile app that will guide you around the forest walk! And see below for a detailed guide video.

Join historian Liam Alex Heffron as he guides you around the ancient, mysterious monuments in Blanemore Forest, deep in the heart of the North-Mayo in the West of Ireland.
For more see and download the FREE walking app for iPhone and Android Smartphones.

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