You won’t find a more spectacular, yet apparently undiscovered loop walk in all of Ireland than the Carrowteige Loop Walk. With its profusion of precipitous cliffs, crags, caves, chasms and islands, breathtaking clifftop views over the stunning Broadhaven Bay,  dizzying heights to scale, and a bird’s eye view of the Stags of Broadhaven, this route will leave you awestruck with its natural, rugged beauty. Feel the wind in your hair and the sea air on your skin, and feel alive in Carrowteige, one of the unpolished jewels in the Mayo tourism crown.

The blue arrows sign out the Children of Lir loop, the longest, while the red ones signal the Black Ditch Walk. Green arrows mark the shortest route – but while you’re there, why not make a day of it?

Carrowteige Walk Map and route information | A great account of the walk of legends and clifftops by Anthony at

And if you’d like a preview of the beauty of Carrowteige, check out the below video by the talented Alan Clarke. But be warned, nothing beats the real thing!

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