Celebrate Culture Night at The Ballinglen Museum of Art, Ballycastle - Visit North Mayo

Something for Everyone at Ballinglen for Culture Night : Friday 17th September

The Ballinglen Museum of Art, Ballycastle, County Mayo

An exhibition in The Ballinglen Museum of Art of ‘Stoney Road Press : Twenty Years – A Survey’. This exhibition, selected by Director David O’Donoghue, includes powerful works by : Donald Teskey, Patrick Scott, Barbara Rae CBE, James Kennedy, James Earley, Monica Lundy, Blaise Drummond, Richard Gorman, Michael Canning, Eilis O’Connell, Kathy Prendergast, Bill Rock, John Fitzsimons, Kelvin Mann, Leah Hewson, Felicity Clear, Brian O’Doherty, Dorothy Cross, Amelia Stein, Mick O’Dea. Each of these artists has an international following and exhibition history including art fairs in London, Miami, New York, Dublin.

Culture Night at The Ballinglen Museum of Art, Ballycastle

The launch of Brenda Exons Book ‘Moxie and the Kite-Bite’n Ash’. “A brash young boy named Moxie and his concerned companion, Mr. Cat, go out one day to fly a kite – Moxie’s prized kite, the Apollo Pan. While searching for a good spot to send Pan soaring, a tumble down a hillside places the boy, the kite, and the cat in the perfect meadow – perfect except for one tree… BEWARE! Brenda will perform a reading on the night. Books can be ordered directly from the Austin Macauley website: www.austinmacauley.com/us as well as Amazon.

Fumi Makasi ‘In Between’ at The Ballinglen Gallery

An Exhibition in The Ballinglen Gallery : ‘In Between’ by Fumi Makasi. “I’m always curious and look at things which are “in between” every day in my life that is undefined – not a specific place, time, species, and feelings.

These “in between”  elements trigger my imagination and reflect my art. In this exhibition, I also aim to include my experience in my Ballinglen art residency programme in which I saw, perceived, and encountered through my lens.” 

Fumi is the winner of the emerging student award at IT Sligo. The award includes a two week residency at Ballinglen, a small stipend, plus an Exhibition in The Ballinglen Gallery all sponsored by The Ballinglen Arts Foundation.