North Mayo/South Sligo Heritage group are hosting a historical lecture by noted historian Margaret Egan Langan on Dr. Kathleen Lynn, Sinn Féin politician,1916 leader and women’s rights campaigner  in the Twin Trees Hotel, Ballina on Friday night, December 9th, at 8.00 p.m.

Kathleen Florence Lynn (28 January 1874 – 14 September 1955) was an Irish Sinn Féin politician, activist and medical doctor. She was born in Killala, Co Mayo, the daughter of a Church of Ireland rector. Kathleen Lynn was so greatly affected by the poverty and disease of the Great Famine that at the age of 16 years old she decided to be a doctor.

Lynn was educated in England and Germany, before enrolling in the Royal University of Ireland, a forerunner to the UCD School of Medicine. Following her graduation in 1899, she travelled to the United States, where she worked for ten years, before returning to Ireland to become the first female doctor at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital (1910–1916). In 1919, she founded Saint Ultan’s Children’s Hospital.

Having joined the Citizen Army during the 1916 rising she treated the wounded, comforted the dying and took an active part in the rising itself. She became a Sinn Féin politician and was elected to Dáil Éireann in 1923. This remarkable lady was proud of her Mayo roots and noted historian and Ballycastle based  Margaret Egan Lanagan will be giving the lecture.

North Mayo/West Sligo Heritage group is a collective of like minded individuals whose love for preserving local history is their  passion.  The group hosts historical lectures in the North Mayo region every 4-6 weeks on various local historical themes. You can keep up to date on the North Mayo West Sligo Heritage Group Facebook page.

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