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Although not in North Mayo, picturesque Easkey village is a very close neighbour which we here in Mayo North take full advantage of! Located in Co. Sligo, just 15 miles from Ballina Easky or Easkey, (meaning abounding in fish) is on the Atlantic coast. The first settlements in the area seem to have taken residence in Castletown, a townland that exists to the west of the present-day village.

Easkey Village boasts some of the best coastal scenery in the country and many walking routes through the local woods and around the river estuary and coastline, with beautiful views of the Slieve League and Benbulben mountains.

Easkey is noted for its heritage and fossiled shoreline and geologists have become increasingly interested in the rugged coastline around Easkey, as it holds fossil structures that date back for millions of years.

O’Dowd Castle/Roslee Castle

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O’Dowd Castle Esakey Co. Sligo

The parish of Easkey is part of the barony of Tireragh. Built in 1207, the castle was home to the O’Dowd chieftains of the barony of Tireragh (West Sligo), having been originally built for Oliver McDonnell who came to the area to marry an O’Dowd widow.

A lot of the original structure has been lost over time, but the main body of the castle remains and at 63 feet high, is a beautiful landmark. You can find it situated adjacent to Easkey Pier. See if you can find the secret staircase!

The Split Rock, Easkey Village

The Split Rock Easkey Co. Sligo

The Split Rock, aka Fionn’s stone is located a mile south of Easkey village. Local legend holds that the Ice Age boulder was split as a result of an argument between two giants on the Ox Mountains, one of whom was Fionn MacCumhaill. It’s said that if someone dares to go through the split three times, the rock will close in on them!

Easkey Abbey

Located in the centre of the village, The Abbey and graveyard dates back to the Medieval times. The graveyard holds some uniquely designed tombstones and was in use until Roslee cemetery opened in 1888.

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