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An Evening with Oscar Wilde

Join Richard Lynch for a classic Victorian evening and share the company of one of the greatest writers in English literature… Oscar Wilde.

Transport yourself back in time to the Victorian era, and treat yourself to an evening of sparkling humour and wit, tinged with a certain pity and sadness.

Meet the fearsome austere Lady Bracknell in that timeless comedy of manners The Importance of Being Earnest, and the innocent Mr Jack Worthing who craves the hand of her only daughter, Gwendolin, in marriage.

The Picture of Dorian Gray depicts a terrifying moral about a man who craves eternal youth. ‘Beware of your wishes. They may be granted’.

His gripping account of the condemned man’s final hours before his execution resonate to this very day in his classic poem ‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’.

There can be little doubt that Oscar Wilde’s humour and themes, in all of his works, and his deep-seated sense of spirituality, resonate to this very day. But was he cursed with that affliction, ‘the ability to self-destruct’ or was he nothing more or less than a flawed genius.

Interspersed throughout the show, is a lightly sketched commentary on his life from his early years at Oxford to the pinnacle of his literary success, where he was fawned upon by the English upper classes, followed by his tragic downfall, to his subsequent rejection and abandonment.

But even in his darkest moments, and to the bitter end, Wilde maintained much of his humour. This show has been staged at several Arts Festivals, Fringe Theatres and Big Houses around the country.

Oh! And let me remind you that while Victorian dress code is not compulsory, but respectability is!

Oh yes and very compulsory at that. We can’t have people talking and talk they will. But then there is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is…

Tickets: €14 / €12.

Ballina Arts Centre