An Island of Dark Skies (National Heritage Week 2021) - Visit North Mayo

An Island of Dark Skies (National Heritage Week 2021)

An Island of Dark Skies

‘An Island of Dark Skies’ is a special collaboration between the three official dark sky places on the island of Ireland. Over three consecutive nights each will present an online event to celebrate and educate on different themes of dark skies.

The natural night skies of Ireland are an asset for present and future generations to enjoy as our ancestors would have. Keeping our starry skies FREE from light pollution benefits biodiversity, saves energy and has a positive impact on human wellbeing. The island of Ireland is the Atlantic edge of Europe away from larger areas of polluted skies; over 50% of our population is still able to view the Milky Way, unlike many other nations who have lost sight of this natural heritage. We hope these events will bring learning and enjoyment as we are all “Under One Sky”.

This is a collaborative series of events with organisers from Mayo, Kerry and Omagh. These events are part of Science Foundation Ireland & ESERO Ireland’s “Dark Skies and Biodiversity Programme”.

Event Details

  • 17th, 18th & 19th August 2021, 5 pm
  • We are connecting the three official dark sky places on the island of Ireland with 3 special live online events for teachers, educators and anyone with an interest in astronomy, archaeology or dark skies.
  • Tuesday 17th August, 5 pm – Join OM Dark Sky Park in Northern Ireland for a special online talk on using a telescope and how to observe the Night Sky.
  • Wednesday 18th August, 5 pm – Join Mayo International Dark Sky Park and invited guest Dr. Frank Prendergast who will discuss ArchaeoAstronomy on Achill and our night sky as our ancestors would have viewed it.
  • Thursday 19th August, 5 pm – Join Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve for a workshop in astrophotography and a beginners guide to take photographs of the night sky.
  • These events are all FREE to attend and are available via:

For more information:

Contact: Georgia MacMillan / (086) 8595166 / [email protected]