Ballina Fringe Festival presents: Correspondences: A Conversation - Visit North Mayo

Ballina Fringe Festival presents: Correspondences: A Conversation

Annemarie Ní Churreáin & Evgeny Shtorn in conversation with poet and Correspondences editor Jessica Traynor.

Giving voice to Direct Provison – Correspondences: A Conversation

Correspondences’, an anthology edited by poet Jessica Traynor and actor Stephen Rea pairs writers, photographers and visual artists in the direct provision system in Ireland with Irish artists and writers.

The stories, poems, images and essays in Correspondences reflect the desperation that leads to migration, the hope carried through war and devastation, and the meaningful parallels between the Irish experience of famine and emigration and the experience of asylum seekers in Ireland today.

The Irish Times said of Correspondences, ‘The call and response of outrage at injustice between the Irish and our visitors is compelling…

This is an excellent book and as disturbing as it needs to be.’Correspondences is sold out, but is available to borrow from your local library!

Join us to hear a conversation between Jessica, Annemarie and Evgeny, premiering online on Thursday, 15th October, at 8pm.