Belderrig Bronze Man Triathlon – 1st August 2020


Belderrig Bronze Man 2020

The Belderrig Bronze Man in its 12th year is taking place on Saturday 1st August 2020.  Registration is only available on the morning of the race at the Shore. Times to be confirmed

The ‘Bronze Man’ is a race around Belderrig Village, in County Mayo, that includes a swim, cycle and run. The race is open to anyone over 16 years old, male or female, who thinks they are up to it!   The objective of the race is participation! It is not about winning or losing the race but about enjoying the day whether you are a contestant or a spectator.

The Belderrig Bronze Man is a triathlon race which includes a 100m swim around Belderrig Harbour and then a 4 km cycle and a 4 km run through the village of Belderrig.  The race is open to both men and women over the age of 16 who are up for the challenge, but it is day out for all of the family so you can go down and support everyone taking part!

Photo Credit: Div Media 2017

The champions of the race will win the perpetual ‘Bronze Man Sword’ which will be on display in Belderrig Community Centre. There will be a male and a female Champion.

Don’t miss this great day out! All are welcome, and volunteers will be needed on the day to make sure the event is fun for all. 

Race times to be confirmed

Belderrig, Co. Mayo