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Exhibition: “Travelling in Meditation” by Ann Conlon

Throughout the months of August and September, Ballina Arts Centre will present ‘Travelling in Meditation’, an exhibition by Sligo-based artist Ann Conlon.

“Travelling has always been a passion of mine. In my travels I am often drawn to the city limits, the areas the tourist rarely visit, places where everyday life happens. This work began because of an urge to be on the move again. To ease this compulsion I decided to allow my mind to travel, and paint as in meditation the places I find. Having travelled alone on occasions it was easy to detach from the conscious world and move among the unconscious thoughts. In the making of the piece I am travelling and in the finishing I have arrived. These pieces possess a sense of displacement which suggests they are not solely of this time, raising questions about whether they reside in the past or the future.”   –   Ann Conlon, 2021


Ann Conlon is a Sligo artist working in painting and relief sculpture.  After having been awarded a higher degree in art in the Institute of Technology, Sligo in 2010, took a studio in the Model Arts in Sligo, for four years and then Leitrim Sculpture Centre in Manorhamilton.  She has had many exhibitions in Ireland, also in Il Tempo La Storia, in Rome, Italy and in Catania, Sicily also the Rochester Contemporary Art Centre, New York. She took a residence in Lemba College, Pathos, Cyprus. She is presently working from her home studio.

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