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In Place

In Place is an hour-long show in 2 sections, In Place One and In Place Two, investigating the architecture of 4 distinct art spaces around Ireland, in Dublin (IMMA), Ballina (Ballina Arts Centre), Cork (Uillinn:West Cork Arts Centre) and Limerick (Limerick City Gallery).
Choreographed by Croí Glan Co-Artistic Director Tara Brandel, In Place plays with the relationship between the fragility and durability of the soft human form, and the surfaces and spaces of the architecture in which the performers are situated.

In Place One performed by Tara is a solo inspired by the works of De Chirico with images of forlornness and emptiness that paradoxically also convey a feeling of power and freedom. As someone with dyslexia, Tara experiences her neurodiversity through a heightened sense of spatial awareness.

In Place One will draw upon and embody this distinct experience and reflect on feelings of isolation and our place in the world.
In Place Two is an intimate duet for Croí Glan Co-Artistic Director and disabled dancer, Linda Fearon, and male dancer Leighton Morrison. The duet provides complementary insight and experience to In Place One, and through touch, balance and exquisite movement reflects on our relationship with others, exploring feelings of longing, connection, and intimacy within the limitations of place.

Seen together these two related and contrasting works are an aural and visual feast for the senses offering insights into how our environment shapes our trust, attachments, and closeness.

Choreographer: Tara Brandel
Performers: Tara Brandel (In Place One), Linda Fearon and Leighton Morrison (In Place Two)
Lighting: SJ Shiels
Costume: Angharad Matthews
Music: Ray Harman
Additional Vocals: Lisa Lambe

Production Manager: Conor Mullan
Producer: Gwen van Spijk
Line Producer: Michelle Cahill
Assistant Producer: Sophie Coote
PR: Stephanie Dickenson

Admission: FREE. Booking essential by calling (096) 73593

Ballina Arts Centre