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Ballina Arts Centre – It Doesn’t ADhD Up


…in Bob Hennigan’s hands, it sort of is. The resident MC of the highly-acclaimed Ireland’s Smallest Comedy Club was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 44 and now he has written a hilarious comedy show on the subject.

It was at his father’s grave that Bob had his long overdue epiphany: he had to seek help. His life was a disaster of “procrastination, poor time-management, my filthy room, overdue bills” and his brain wasn’t coping.

It was a huge relief to be diagnosed with ADHD. “All the shame went away from years of thinking I was just a waster and a useless prick…” Bob now wants to become an educator on the subject. “I think it’s what I’m meant to give back. And I’m still a sceptic about the afterlife and all of that, but I do go back to Dad’s grave regularly to thank him. Y’know, just in case.”

A past winner of the Tedfest Toilet Duck Award and Galway Fringe Festival Comedy Award, you can expect bitter rants, skewed observations and big laughs.

Ballina Comedy Club at Ballina Arts Centre presents Bob Hennigan ‘It Doesn’t ADhD Up’ on Friday, 19th May at 8pm. Ticktes: €18 /€16.

Tickets can be purchased from the online box office HERE

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