Mary Robinson Climate Conference - Visit North Mayo

Mary Robinson Climate Conference

The Mary Robinson Climate Conference is gearing up for its return to Ballina this June, with this year’s focus on ‘A Shared Response to a Shared Responsibility’.

Scheduled from June 5th to 7th, the conference builds on the success of its inaugural year, emphasising the importance of collective efforts at every level to combat climate change. Recognizing the significance of diverse voices in shaping climate discourse and subsequent action, the theme underscores the vital role each individual plays in this global challenge.

The event will kick off with Mary Robinson leading a discussion on Project Dandelion alongside Laura Cook, former Communications Advisor to The Elders, setting the tone for the comprehensive three-day program.

With a diverse line-up of speakers from both Ireland and abroad, including community stakeholders, researchers, policymakers, and governmental representatives, the conference aims to foster collaboration and drive meaningful progress on our most pressing climate concerns.

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The Mary Robinson Climate Conference 2024 is taking place 5-7 June in Ballina, Co Mayo, delivered by The Mary Robinson Centre in partnership with the University of Galway and our national and local stakeholders.

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