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Sound and Vision: In Bed with Madonna

Alek Keshishian, Mark Aldo Miceli, USA, 1991, 122 mins) as part of Sound+Vision

In Bed with Madonna was, and remains, riveting, as a study in community as well as a solo portrait. Combining colour scenes of Madonna’s onstage act with grainy black and white glimpses of her offstage one, the film attempts to do more than just a replicate the Blonde Ambition experience.

Keshishian’s film documents the freewheeling circus of Madonna’s backstage life, surrounded by her self-described “family” of assistants, adjuncts and back-up dancers, with their own spiraling dramas and conflicts.

Presented in association with accessCINEMA.

Tickets: €5. Doors open at 1:30pm 22nd October

Ballina Arts Centre