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The Big Dig

Present by North Mayo West Sligo Heritage Group

The School of Irish Archaeology is proud to introduce the next step in the evolution of creative and hands-on learning for our younger generation with this free workshop. There ‘Viking House’ and excavation site allows children and young adults to explore the Viking world through a simulated archaeology dig. 

As they dig through the site, participants will unearth Viking treasures and artefacts dating back 1,000 years. They will learn about the lives of our Viking ancestors as history is brought to life by qualified archaeologists. These educational workshops offer a unique experience that will leave our future generations fascinated by our ancient ancestors and eager to learn more.

In Ballina’s Tom Ruane Park

From 11am to 3.30pm. on Sat.14th August

In Enniscrone beside Castle Park House

From 11am to on Sun. 15th August

If you wish to have your child participate in this experience register on line at

The Big Dig

To be allocated a place which free of charge

Sponsored by The Mayo Heritage Office and Ballina Municipal District Council