The Pearse Holmes Memorial Traditional Music Weekend - Visit North Mayo

The Pearse Holmes Memorial Traditional Music Weekend

The Pearse Holmes Memorial Traditional Music Weekend will take place this coming weekend starting Friday 20th May and continuing through Saturday 21 into Sunday 22 May.

The weekend will be dedicated to the memory of the legendary musician and singer Sean Garvey from Caherciveen, Co. Kerry. Sean was due to be our special guest artist this weekend, but unfortunately passed away suddenly on the 6th of May last.

However, we did have the pleasure of Sean’s company last November when he stayed in Doohoma for a two week period while compiling a music schedule for a planned tour of Estonia with his co-artist from Estonia, Kart Johanson.

Sean was from Barr Na Sráide, Caherciveen, Co. Kerry, the actual place that the famous Sigerson Clifford song ‘ The boys of Barr Na Sráide’ was composed about, and when he sang this song which we had the pleasure of hearing on many occasions during his visit here, it was always an unforgettable event. He sang many more songs as well , each as good and unforgettable as the next.

Their visit to Doohoma made a big impact on both Seán and Kart and Seán always repeatedly emphasized this when he rang us on a regular basis. He was very much looking forward to being with us again this weekend.

Both Sean and Kart similarly made a big impact on all of us who met them here in Doohoma and we experienced an emotional reunion with Kart last week when she returned from Estonia to attend Seán’s funeral and again visited us in Doohoma before returning to Estonia.

So this coming weekend’s activities will be entirely dedicated to our late and great friend Sean Garvey. The Memorial weekend will have traditional music song and dance will have all the best of our own native musicians and artists on show , and they will be joined by visiting artists and musicians from various parts of the country.

So come along this weekend. All are welcome to participate in the weekend music, or simply sit and enjoy the best of traditional Irish music song and dance .

Doohoma, Co. Mayo

Erris, Co. Mayo