Exhibition: 'Currach & Stone' by James Edward Scherbarth RIP, Ballinglen Museum of Art, Runs until 31st May and from the 1st - 12th June in The Ballinglen Gallery - Visit North Mayo

Opening at 6pm on Friday 6th May in The Ballinglen Museum of Art, Ballycastle, Co. Mayo.

A posthumous exhibition showing a series of 72 images created during 39 days in the last year of James’s life; “a period where he was fully blossomed as an artist, coming to grips with his own mortality, and feeling a sense of urgency to complete work while he still had the strength.”

The series is autobiographical a commentary on the emotional peaks and valleys illustrating James’s deep sensitivity to all his surroundings, seen and unseen. To accompany the exhibition is a book and a boxed set of reprints specifically on the Currach and Stone series available. Since the original pieces in the exhibition are not for sale, the book and also the boxed set will be. Individual reprints will also be available.

An exhibition COMPLEX SIMPLICITY curated by Rebecca Crowell from the Ballinglen Permanent Collection will also be on view.