Exhibition: 'Metamorphosis 7:1 Collective' at Ballina Arts Centre. Runs until February 26th - Visit North Mayo

“a great change in appearance or character”

The 7:1 Collective is a group of visual artists who graduated in the same class from the GMIT BA in Contemporary Art Practices in 2018. The collective comprises Aiga Blowick, Maggie Coggins, Lindsay McConnell, Catherine McLoughlin, Val McLoughlin, Sarah McNicholas, Úna Morris and Mary Walsh.

“Perhaps inevitably this title, initially chosen with a particular concept in mind, metamorphosed into something else.

“The original concept was to make our own artworks, in whatever media we chose, from text supplied by our former tutors. This text described artworks made by other artists. We would not have any visual clues for this artistic challenge.

“However, the most singular change was the death of our dear friend and group member Catherine.  This event combined with the arrival of the pandemic meant that we were unable to proceed with our original intention which was based on a collaborative work basis that would have entailed regular group meetings.

“The resultant exhibition reflects our individual metamorphoses as we did not work collectively. It encompasses the experiences and changes we have undergone in the last few years as artists and as people. Experiences which have informed both our view of the world and the work we have produced.

“We are fortunate to be able to show a number of Catherine’s in this exhibition. She is with us as we travel.”

– The 7:1 Collective