Exhibitions in Ballina Arts Centre by Sarah Ellen Lundy & Una Morris - Visit North Mayo

Exhibitions in Ballina Arts Centre currently running, ‘Geag’ by Sarah Ellen Lundy and ‘Fairy tales and feminism’ by Una Morris.

‘Geag’: Sarah Ellen Lundy

Sligo artist Sarah Ellen Lundy has named her exhibition “Géag” , the Irish word for the limb of a tree or human arm, because her varied installations draw on the parallels between human and non-human forms. Sarah’s work has been selected for the Chicago Underground Film Festival 2023, and this show includes her filmic work, Every Woman Is An Eyeland, an eco-feminist exploration of the connections made between women and nature in culture and religion.

Sarah Ellen Lundy ’s art exhibition “Géag” runs until 26th August. Admission free.

‘Fairy tales and feminism’: Una Morris

In her show “And they she all lived happily ever after…” local artist Úna Morris explores fairy tales from a feminist point of view. Why is the heroine always waiting to be rescued? And why is marriage always the ultimate reward? Úna, long-listed for the RDS Visual Arts Awards, works in many mediums from tiny handmade objects referencing childhood, loss and legacy, to large-scale paper and tape drawings exploring female agency in a patriarchal society.

Una Morris’s art exhibition “And they she all lived happily ever after…” runs until August 26th. Admission free.

Both events are being held in the Ballina Arts Centre

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