Fishing on The River Moy - famous for salmon fishing - Visit North Mayo

Fishing on The River Moy

The River Moy is often referred to as being the most productive Salmon fishery in Western Europe, where its estimated, catches have a reach of over 4,000 Salmon  in a  season. The River Moy is over 100km in length,  2½ km of which is located within the Ballina town boundaries.

Fishing on The River Moy is often described as Inspiring, Breathtaking and very enjoyable. The Moy Fishery is divided into 8 beats and these are as follows:

Beat 1 The Ridge Pool

The most famous beat on The River Moy is the Ridge Pool, its known to be very productive in terms of catches and attracts the attention of both domestic and international anglers. In 1999 an extra space was added to the Ridge Pool to accommodate additional anglers. This additional space also known as the Weir Pool must be booked at least two days in advance. Ridge Pool fishing is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences for many international anglers.

Beat 2, The Cathedral Beat

The Cathedral Beat is located next to the Ridge Pool. This beat is one of the most sought after locations for angling on the River Moy. Anglers that have booked in advance are free to commence fishing at sunrise until 6 pm after which time is reserved for local anglers.

Beats 1 & 2

These beats are located not far from the Lower Bridge in Ballina.  These beats do require advanced booking but can be fished from sunrise to sunset.

Beat 3, The Ash Tree Pool

The Ash Tree Pool is a  beat located alongside the Tom Ruane Park.  Because this beat is closely based to the estuary, it is affected by the tide. Anglers are advised to arrange fishing times with their ghillie (which is provided on this beat).

Beat 4

Beat 4 is located at the mouth of the Brusna River where there are no restrictions in place on the number of anglers using this beat. It is very popular with both the domestic and visiting angler.

The Freshwater Beat

This beat  has recently been developed to improve angling and access for fishing. It is regarded as popular amongst regulars, producing big amounts of both salmon and sea trout. This beat also provides access for disabled anglers.

Booking & Contact Information

The Moy Fishery Office,
Inland Fisheries Ireland,
Ardnaree House,
Abbey St., Ballina,
Co. Mayo,
Rep. of Ireland.
Tel: 096 21332 Fax: 096 78850
 [email protected]

Angling Ireland Website

Pricing List

Ridge Pool
1 Feb – 16 AprilSunrise – sunset€20.00*
17 April – 23 MaySunrise – sunset€45.00
24 May – 14 JuneSunrise – sunset€65.00
15 June – 30 JuneSunrise – 2pm /
2pm – sunset
1 July – 5 AugustSunrise – 2pm /
2pm – sunset
6 August – 15 AugustSunrise – 2pm /
2pm – sunset
16 August – 31 AugustSunrise – sunset€85.00
1 September – 30 SeptemberSunrise – sunset€55.00
Cathedral Beat
17 April – 23 MaySunrise – 6pm€25.00
24 May – 14 JuneSunrise – 6pm€45.00
15 June – 30 JuneSunrise – 6pm€55.00
1 July – 15 AugustSunrise – 6pm€85.00
16 August – 30 SeptemberSunrise – 6pm€45.00
17 April – 31 MaySunrise – sunset€20.00
1 June – 30 SeptemberSunrise – sunset€25.00
Spring Wells
17 April – 30 JuneSunrise – sunset€25.00
1 July – 31 AugustSunrise – sunset€35.00
1 September – 30 SeptemberSunrise – sunset€25.00
Ash Tree
17 April – 30 JuneSunrise – sunset€25.00
1 July – 31 AugustSunrise – sunset€35.00
1 September – 30 SeptemberSunrise – sunset€25.00
Freshwater Beat
1 February – 30 SeptemberSunrise – sunset  €25.00

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