Foxford's Admiral Brown Legacy Goes Global with Irish-Inspired Jersey in Argentina - Visit North Mayo

An Argentinian club is making headlines by paying tribute to Foxford’s maritime legend, Admiral William Brown, who is recognised as the “Father of the Argentine Navy.” Born in Foxford, Ireland, in 1777, Brown emigrated to Argentina in the early 19th century, shaping the nation’s naval capabilities and securing maritime interests.

This historic connection now finds contemporary expression through a distinctive jersey introduced by the Argentine club, ‘Guillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn’. Beyond its visual appeal, this striking shirt acts as a poignant symbol, reinforcing the enduring bonds between Foxford, North Mayo, and Argentina.

Celebrating Irish Roots and Argentine Passion

The newly unveiled jersey features a captivating blend of symbolism, with a prominent harp in the bottom corner. This iconic Irish symbol represents the rich cultural history of Ireland and serves as a poignant tribute to Admiral Brown’s heritage. The green and white colour scheme, pays tribute to the Irish flag, forms a visually striking blend, capturing Argentina’s soccer passion and Ireland’s historical legacy.

The club shared an image of the jersey along with a message on Twitter translated as ‘Introducing our third kit for this season,’ inspired by the birthplace of Admiral Guillermo Brown, Foxford, as a tribute to its rich tradition in the wool industry‘.

Manager of Mayo North Tourism, Mairéad Melody Carr commended ‘Guillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn’ for their unique and thoughtful tribute to Admiral Brown. “This collaboration goes beyond borders, highlighting the global significance of Foxford’s historical connection with Argentina as well as the widespread impact of cultural exchange in the world of sports. The jersey is a real symbol of unity, celebrating our shared heritage and building a global community”.

Soccer enthusiasts and admirers of history alike can now celebrate Admiral Browne’s legacy through the purchase of this special edition jersey which will be available to purchase in the coming weeks.

The Foxford community, especially members of the ‘Admiral Brown Society’, have consistently worked to uphold and reinforce connections with Argentina, evident in the current strong relationship.

The Ever-Growing Admiral Brown Connection: A Blend of History, Culture, and Tourism

Explore this link for further insights into the continual bond between Argentina and Foxford. Discover informal gatherings like World Cup celebrations at the Moy Hotel and Guirys Bar, witness the establishment of a new Admiral Brown walking trail, and engage in official events featuring the Argentinian Ambassador, Argentinian Navy, and esteemed dignitaries. This evolving connection is consistently growing and becoming more enriched, underscoring the importance of this relationship to both sides, particularly from a historical, cultural and tourism perspective.

Argentinian Group pictured with statue of Admiral William Brown Foxford, August 2017 with the Admiral Brown Society
Argentinian Group pictured with statue of Admiral William Brown Foxford, August 2017 with the Admiral Brown Society
Argentinian Navy visit Foxford – Photo by Admiral Brown Society
The unique jersey even has Foxford printed on the inside 📸 Admiral William Brown FB page

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