Gortnor Abbey TY Students win Nephin's Haven Tourism Competition - Visit North Mayo

Photo left to right – Taryn Kelly (Gortnor Abbey TY Teacher), Linda Kelly (TY student), Emma O’Hora (TY student), Liam Alex Heffron (competition judge), Annette Burke, (chairperson of Nephin’s Haven), Andrew Ward, (treasurer). TY student Eilish Gill was absent through illness

RTE’s Fair City’s  Garda Doran, aka actor  and competition judge Liam Alex Heffron, was on hand on Thursday last, March 22 2018  at Gortnor Abbey secondary school, Crossmolina, to present the winning  students of the Nephin’s Haven Tourist Promotion competition, with vouchers from local business, Quinn’s chemists.

The winning presentation from students Linda Kelly, Emma O’Hora and Eilish Gill, focused on the incredible history of North Mayo and the need for it to be harnessed by national schools and tourist ventures. The girls proposed developing a greater awareness of local historical events with more savvy promotional projects such as ‘Game of Thrones’ style recreations of the 1798 Rebellion and self-guiding heritage trails.

As a former Gortnor Abbey pupil, Liam was thrilled with the TY students’ feedback.  “I am really impressed with their imaginative ideas to make our communities better for both natives and visitors alike. It bodes well for the future.”

​ ​Nephin’s Haven chairperson Annette Burke thanked their teacher Taryn Kelly and Gortnor Abbey school for helping run the competition, “Nephin’s Haven is a voluntary, coordinating group, assisting local communities to work together in promoting their own areas of North Mayo, and listening to our teenagers is a vital part of that”. 

Nephin’s Haven is a voluntary tourism group, set up in Crossmolina to develop and promote the tourist offering in the vicinity of Connaught’s second-highest mountain, in partnership with all communities and other groups in the area. The winning TY presentation will feature on the Nephin’s Haven website www.nephinshaven.com

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