The Humbert Challenge 2016

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Humbert Challenge 2016

The Humbert Challenge 2016

The Swinford Triathlon Club was set up in 2009, with the aim of promoting sport throughout Swinford and its surrounding areas. This year they are hosting the Humbert Challenge on Sunday 7th August 2016 starting at 11am.

Swinford Triathlon Club started hosting the Humbert Half Iron in 2010 and they held this for the following four years, adding in the sprint triathlon in 2011. The Half Iron event was very popular and in 2013 the club was awarded the Half Iron European qualifier.

In 2014 and 2015 they changed the structure of the Humbert Triathlon by hosting an Olympic Triathlon which was a success but after consideration they have decided that the Half Iron and Sprint Triathlon were both very successful and so they will be returning again this year.

There are 3 different events that you can take part in on the day:

Half Iron Triathlon

The Half Iron Triathlon consists of a 1900m swim around the beautiful shores of Callow, then a 90km cycle starting in Callow, into Castlebar through Turlough and then onto the N5 into Swinford and back to Callow. After finishing the cycle the 22km run will precede through Cuillonaughton, onto Straide, then into Bohola and will finish in Swinford town centre.

Half Iron Duathlon

If you don’t fancy the swimming part of the triathlon you can still take part as the club are hosting the Half Iron Duathlon which consists of the same 90km cycle and 22km run as the Half Iron Triathlon.

Sprint Triathlon

The Sprint Triathlon taking place is starting in Callow with the 750m swim and this is followed by a 26km cycle. The cycle is a similar route to the run for the Half Iron, cycling through Cuillonaughton, Straide, Bohola and then back into Swinford finishing at Transition 2. The last part of the sprint triathlon is the 5km run starting at Transition 2 travelling onto the Old Castlebar Road following on to the N5, then heading towards the Kiltimagh Junction and finishing the race back at Amenity Park.

Humbert Half Iron 2016

The Humbert Challenge is well loved by people from all over Ireland and Europe and is truly a great day!

For more information about the day visit the Humbert Challenge Facebook Page or the Swinford Triathlon Club Website

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