Kaffa Café open at Enniscoe House - Visit North Mayo

Let’s face it, in this current climate none of us need any excuse to get out and about, and what better way to do that then with some fantastic quality coffee in the beautiful surroundings of Enniscoe House? Local company Kaffa Coffee has just opened its first café, the Kaffa Café alongside the North Mayo Heritage Centre in the grounds of Enniscoe House.

In 2016 Marek Dziduch and Francis Bonner started brainstorming ideas for a new health conscious coffee and out of this came Well Bean Coffee. The now owners of Kaffa Coffee have been very successful over the past few years along with winning awards such as the 2018 GMIT New Frontiers Entrepreneur Business Development Programme and the KPMG Best emerging Business Award 2019.

Marek and Francis have opened Kaffa Café at the North Mayo Heritage Centre within the grounds of the amazing Enniscoe House, serving treats, smoothies, milkshakes, iced coffee’s, wraps, toasties, soup, tea and of course, their award-winning coffee!

The grounds of Enniscoe House are surrounded by some of the most beautiful gardens and forestry in North Mayo, and we couldn’t think of a better place to enjoy the unique blends of Kaffa Coffee.

Kaffa Café – For more information:

Phone: 087 918 3385 | Email: [email protected]

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