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Kilcullen’s Seaweed Baths, situated in the heart of the village of Enniscrone along the sea front, is a compelling mix of simplicity and care, where you can relax and experience all that is a traditional seaweed bath.

In 1912, the year of the “Titanic”, the doors of Kilcullen’s Bath House opened for business.  The Bath House had been built for the purpose on a site acquired by the Kilcullen Family as far back as 1898.

For over 100 years, and now into the fifth generation of ownership by the same family, the Bath House has opened its doors to the public offering seaweed baths and steam treatments.

The Edwardian building, known at the time as ‘Kilcullen’s Modern Bath House’, in an attempt to set it apart from a much older establishment dating from the middle of the 19th century, is today as it was then.

Having a seaweed bath in Kilcullen’s in their beautiful Edwardian building comprising of the original enormous glazed porcelain baths, solid brass taps and panelled wooden shower cisterns is an experience that stands alone. While savouring the piping hot seawater and the nutrients bequeathed by the seaweed, we realise that this is the very closest we can get in the 21st century to the authentic ambiance of a turn of the 20th century Bath House.

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– No Booking required

– Towels Supplied

– Private Rooms available

– Massage Therapy (by appointment)

For further information about Kilcullen’s Seaweed Baths, contact:

Telephone: 096 36328

Email: [email protected]


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