Kilcummin: Bessie's Bar - A warm welcome and a great pint - Visit North Mayo

Bessie’s Bar traces its roots back to the remarkable Bessie Munnelly, a beloved local who once graced these very walls with her melodeon tunes. Since opening its doors after the Great Famine of 1847, this establishment has been a cherished gathering place for generations.

Nollag pours the first pint after re-opening. Photo credit Angela Kelly WildAtlanticsaok on FB

December 2023 marked a historic moment, as Bessie’s Bar welcomed patrons once again. Now under the stewardship of Nollag, Michael, and their newest addition, baby Anna, they opened the doors ready to reclaim their place as the heartbeat of the community.

A Warm Welcome Awaits

As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by the comforting aroma of freshly poured pints and the sound of laughter echoing off the walls. Whether you’re a local seeking familiar faces or a visitor eager to immerse yourself in authentic Irish hospitality, Bessie’s Bar promises an experience like no other. Savour expertly poured pints, swap stories with locals, and bask in the warmth of true community spirit.

A warm atmosphere in Bessie’s bar. Photo credit Angela Kelly WildAtlanticsaok on FB

Whether it’s a quiet pint, the match, or ceol and the craic you will find a warm welcome in the heart of Kilcummin. Check out our guide of the area and find things to do while you are here.


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