Lahardane Fair Day

One of North Mayo's oldest and best-loved festivals

Lahardane fair Lahardane old fair day © Nephin Whiskey

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Lahardane Fair Day takes place on 15th August 2018 and is one of Mayo North’s oldest events, with a tradition of over 100 years. As was common at the time, the festival was a Harvest Festival, designed to give thanks for the summer crops in the area. Cattle and sheep were sold on the streets along with all manners of food, drink and crafts. The festival always falls on 15th August, which coincides with the Catholic religious holiday, the Feast of the Assumption.

Today on the streets of Lahardane during the Lahardane Fair Day under the shadow of beautiful Nephin Mountain, you can still see animals for sale, as has been the case for the last hundred years. It is also a day for families, relations and friends in the region to get together and celebrate their heritage.  Fun family events, crafts, competitions and of course music and dance ensure that this is a day to remember every August in Lahardane – and one where anything can happen!

“One year I was in the company of some English cousins [at Lahardane Fair Day], and the kids were each given a fiver to go to the “fun fair” while we stayed in the pub.  One of the kids decided to buy a goose (or maybe a duck I can’t remember which) off one of the “vendors” and landed back into the pub with him where he had a quite enjoyable afternoon eating crisps and supping Guinness out of a saucer (the goose that is, not the kid)”  – Commenter on

Lahardane Fair Day – a community event

Lahardane Fair Day is a truly local event, in that events are organised by the Lahardane Parents’ Council, and all proceeds to go to Lahardane National School and the renovation of the football pitch.


Lahardane Fair Day Lahardane North Mayo Annual Fair


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