Mayo North’s Top 10 Travel Essentials when visiting North Mayo

Are you travel ready?

North Mayo's top 10 travel essentials

Here in the Mayo North Promotions office we’ve put a list of our Top Ten Travel Essentials together; so we can make your trip to the stunning North Mayo all it can be and more.  This list while unconventional, we feel is essential and will enhance your travels in a way that will have you returning to North Mayo again and again!

So what does the traveller of today need to explore and discover North Mayo . . .

1.       Binoculars – so you can see near and far, you’ll need the binoculars with you! Take in the amazing Céide Coast from every angle, spot a salmon on the River Moy or watch the surfers on Enniscrone Beach.

2.       The ability to speak to the locals – No matter where you go, your travel guide probably won’t know it all, so take your head out of the book or the phone and get chatting! When you go to buy the newspaper or pay for the petrol, speak to the cashiers.  When you’re eating out, chat with the waiter or if you’re having a pint of the black stuff, gossip with the bartender.  These are the people who’ll tell you where to find the real hidden gems that aren’t in any tourist guidebook or map!

3.       A head for winding roads – There’s no denying that while our roads are generally in decent nick, some of them are authentic Irish roads in places! But the best treasures are to be found down the narrowest or less travelled roads and this adds to the unique experience  of North Mayo.  Just be sure that your reversing skills are tip top!

4.       A good book –whether you enjoy the beach, the forest or  the river you will find that pure tranquility awaits you. Bring a good book with you, find a scenic spot, sit back, relax and get lost in your imagination.

5.       Time – Despite the perception that Ireland is a tiny place, you will not get around North Mayo in a day, a week or a even a month. It’s the type of place you’ll want to return to again and again to get under the skin of it and find its treasures. Each trip will bring to light new areas to discover, new adventures to be had and new and old friends to meet.

6.       Fishing rod – Ballina is the Official Salmon Capital of Ireland, and has the world famous River Moy running through it. Try your luck catching a salmon, or is the patience needed for fishing not your thing,? Then head to the local pier and fish for crabs or mackerel.  You could even do a spot of deep sea fishing, really, who doesn’t have fishing on their bucket list? Call Inland Fisheries Ireland’s Ballina office on (096) 22788 for info on permits.

7.       The camera  – While we all have our phones now and a guarantee that you can take a picture anywhere any time, but just encase have a backup bring the camera along to ensure you capture North Mayo at its greatest. Here are our top photography spots, but we guarantee you’ll find your own!

8.       The charger – You’ll be taking so many photos that you’re definitely going to see the little flash of “battery low”.  So make sure to bring the charger and while you relax in the evening in your  hotel, B&B, stately home, manor house. self-catering cottage, hostel, or campsite (we have them all!) plug in the phone and let it recharge also.

9.       A plan – Arriving in North Mayo and not having a plan is a rookie mistake! Now, no one’s saying to plan every minute of every day but maybe put pen to paper and outline each day where you’d like to visit and maybe do a quick check on the North Mayo website to make sure you’re not missing anything. Here’s just 10 great things you can do while you’re here

10.   Dates to return for the next adventure – Have the diary ready, because as your holiday will near its end you’ll already be planning the next visit, to revisit and rediscover and to explore new places in our gorgeous corner of the world.

Have fun!

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