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Anna Mount Falcon Estate Ballina

Anna Baraldini from Foxford in County Mayo is possibly one of Ireland’s youngest licensed female falconers. Two years ago as part of her school work experience programme Anna applied to Mount Falcon Estate in Ballina. She wanted to gain experience working in the Mount Falcon Estate gym.

Within hours at her arrival at Mount Falcon Estate Anna was enticed by the magnificence of the raptors and owls in the Mount Falcon Estate Aviary. Under the instruction of the resident falconers Martin and Daniel, Anna is now a fully fledged falconer at the age of just seventeen.

While Anna was up until now the youngest female falconer in Ireland getting her license at age 17 in 2021, she is now passing that title onto Olivia Hendly.

Olivia Hendly hails from Attymass and has just recently received her falconer’s license at age 16. As well as her predecessor Anna, she received this under the watchful eye of Mount Falcon Estate. Olivia has always had an interest in working with birds.

While on a trip to the aviary with her mother, Olivia impressed the instructor so much, that she was then asked if she would like to be his apprentice. She has been volunteering at Mount Falcon Estate at the weekends ever since. She hopes to continue working in this area in the future.

We would like to wish Anna and Olivia all the best for the future!

Birds of Prey Experience at Mount Falcon Estate

The Birds of Prey Experience is a unique opportunity to meet and handle our suite of Birds at the Mount Falcon Aviary.  This experience is a fascinating insight into the lives of magnificent creatures. Having the opportunity to hold and admire them close up is a very visceral and satisfying experience. 

The Birds of Prey Experience at Mount Falcon Estate Ballina
The Birds of Prey Experience at Mount Falcon Estate Ballina

Woodlands Hawk Walk

Take a journey with a hawk on your gloved fist through the beautiful, indigenous woodlands of the Mount Falcon Estate.  In addition to this, you can get up close and enjoy an interactive experience. Watch the Hawks fly through the woods and return on command.

Mount Falcon Estate in Ballina County Mayo
Mount Falcon Estate in Ballina County Mayo

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