Moy Estuary Feasibility Study – Public Consultation process announced

Study aims to facilitate sustainable economic development of the Moy Estuary region including Ballina, Enniscrone and Killala

Moy Estuary Feasibility Study Ballina with Ice House by John Joyce

Ballina Lions Club is preparing a feasibility study on the Moy Estuary and Quay Area of Ballina, and a public consultation process is now taking place. The Moy Estuary Feasibility Study will carry out a full assessment of the commercial, touristic, community and social benefits and uses of the Moy Estuary, taking on board the interests and views of the local communities and businesses on how new initiatives can be developed.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that the natural resource of the Moy Estuary are developed in a sustainable way to ensure it retains and returns value to the local community from a commercial, social and environmental perspective.


How to participate in the Moy Estuary Feasibility Study

This consultation will help to guide and inform the content and direction of the study. Those with an interest in the management and development of the Moy Estuary are urged to make their views known in a number of ways:

1.       By attending one of the public meetings to be held in June 2019

2.       By submitting a written submission of your views or plans to

3.       By completing an online survey and submission facility by clicking here  –


Public consultations will take place in the following areas: 

– Tuesday, 30th July 2019 in the Ocean Sands Hotel Enniscrone at 7pm

– Thursday, 1st August 2019 in Killala Community Centre at 7pm

– Thursday, 8th August 2019 in the Kennedy Glasgow Centre at 7pm

The public consultation process is an important stage of the study, recognising the input and responsibility of community, business and statutory stakeholders have in its development. It recognises the need for all stakeholders to work together to implement policies and deliver any subsequent actions.

An overriding principle of any developments will be that they are strongly focused on protecting and preserving the outstanding universal value of the Estuary while allowing it to be accessible to local communities and visitors to experience and enjoy its cultural, natural and heritage richness.


Objectives of the Moy Estuary Feasibility Study

The objectives of the study when complete are:

1. Present a full review and feasibility of the ecological, commercial, social tourism, economic, community uses, benefits, values that can be developed at the Moy estuary

2. Identification of suitable projects and outline a development plan indicating finance, development path and justification of each project.

3. Present the development plan and projects in terms of priority and justification of same

4. Identify the benefits and impacts of each project in the context of social, community, tourism and economic impact

5 Identify likely sources of support including funding, the development partners and operational requirements

6. Identify how any developments can link into other projects and initiatives such as the Wild Atlantic Way and bring two way benefits to each i.e. the town of Ballina and the Wild Atlantic Way.


Further information on the Moy Estuary Feasibility Study


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Photo: John Joyce

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