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A new guidebook showcasing beautiful Belmullet and the Mullet Peninsula has just been launched by a highly regarded and well known local tourist guide Neal Doherty. The book is entitled ‘The Complete Guide to Belmullet & the Mullet Peninsula’. It is a 54 page guide book which covers all historic and social aspects of the area in three tours. It aims to bring to life the tales and spectacular scenery of this area.

Three distinct tours of the area

The three tours covered in detail in this guide include two longer distance tours as well as one detailed Belmullet town walking tour. Each tour has a map showing the location of each point of interest.

The first tour in the book covers an area of 66km and is a tour to the south of the Mullet Peninsula. It has 38 points of interest. The second tour is one to the north of the Mullet Peninsula, covering an area of 75km and it details 27 points of interest. The final tour is a wonderful walking tour of the town with 24 points of interest.

Interesting facts and questions

This is a very easy to follow and compact guide, perfect for visitors to the Erris area. Mr Doherty believes that readers interests will be piqued by questions such as:

  • Did you know that in June 1944, D-Day was postponed by one day due to the weather report from Blacksod Bay?
  • Did you know that the legendary Children of Lir are said to be buried on Inishglora off the coast of Belmullet?
  • Did you know that J. M. Synge and J. B. Yeats visited Belmullet in 1905 to report for the Manchester Guardian?

Manager of Mayo North Tourism, Mairéad Melody said, “Neal is a very experienced tour guide. As well as this, he has produced similar guidebooks of other areas in the past, all of which have been a tremendous success. Here at Mayo North Tourism we receive many requests for guides such as this, and to have one researched and written by someone local and of this calibre is fantastic. I would highly recommend this guidebook to anyone visiting the area and wish Mr Doherty every success with it”.

Purchase the guide book

‘The Complete Guide to Belmullet and the Mullet Peninsula’ is currently available to purchase in local bookstores and retails at €9.99.

It is also available to purchase online at

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