The Ballinglen Arts Foundation, based in the beautiful seaside village of Ballycastle, Co. Mayo is an Irish, not-for-profit organisation with programmes designed to support serious artists making important work in ideal conditions in an inspiring location.

The Centre offers residency and education programmes for artists, who come to spend time in this idyllic location and while immersing themselves in the local culture and landscape, have the time, space and facilities to create work.

Ballinglen Foundation’s Artist Fellowship Programme

The Foundation’s Artist Fellowship Programme is unique, given that it is not a retreat residency simply for the lone artist. Rather, Ballinglen Fellowship Artists are invited to bring family and companions with them to Ballycastle. For the duration of their stay, they are given, free of charges, cottages for living, and purpose-built studios for working, within this rural community.

They are then encouraged to experience the local community in its entirety –  its people, shops, pubs, landscape – in the belief that this interaction will invigorate their spirit, and remind them what it is ‘to be a human being’ (as several artists have put it).

Artists report that while the rugged landscape of North Mayo and its ever changing weather are uniquely inspiring, the community is equally so.

Ballinglen Arts Foundation artists residency Ballycastle Mayo

Ballinglen Arts Foundation- Classes and Workshops

Ballinglen Art Foundation interacts with the general public through classes, art exhibitions, school classes, artists’ studio visits, gallery tours and the use of the art library. The Centre was featured recently on RTE’s Winning Streak television programme.

Following on from their Residency and Educational Programmes, Ballinglen also runs a number of workshops and classes led by internationally-renowned artists, who have been Fellows of The Ballinglen Arts Foundation. A wide variety of classes caters for all level of participants & techniques, ranging from Plein Air Classes to Printmaking, Encaustic, Mixed Media, Abstraction, the Figure plus a class on Oil & Cold Wax.

Having spent time in the area, the artists leading the classes have an intimate knowledge of North Mayo, which in turn, benefits participants of the workshops and classes when they take part in local field trips, which are all part of the experience.

This adds to the already inspiring working environment at The Ballinglen Arts Foundation.  Participants in the classes and workshops also have full access to the extensive art library plus the support of the experienced, knowledgeable and supremely helpful staff in the facility, all of whom are from the local area.

Included in the cost of classes is tuition, accommodation, and lunch & dinner provided by Mary’s Cottage Kitchen in Ballycastle.

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This is an experience of a lifetime : check out the range of classes at or

2017 Classes and Workshops

Encaustic Painting Workshop: Joanna Kidney 22nd – 30th April 2017

Go With The Flow: Watercolor Monotype: Jane Goldman 4th – 12th May 2017

Landscape Painting Workshop: Andrew Wykes 23rd – 31st May 2017 (Full, taking names for cancellations)

Mixed Media Printing Workshop: Ron Pokrasso 4th – 12th June 2017

Plein Air MasterClass: Randall Exon & Jeffrey Reed 24th June – 8th July 2017

From Patterns in the Landscape to Paper: Michael Olszewski 10th – 18th July 2017

 Collograph Printmaking Workshop: Catherine Farish 23rd – 31st July 2017

The Figure: Structure and Paint: Catherine Kehoe 18th – 26th August 2017 (Full, taking names for cancellations)

Abstraction Workshop: Nuala Clarke 1st – 9th September 2017

Abstraction with Oil & Cold Wax Workshops: Rebecca Crowell 3rd – 11th Oct & 16th – 24th October 2017​  (Full, taking names for cancellations)

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