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Getting the basics of customer care right is so, so important when it comes to serving guests in your restaurant, but as staff are trained ‘on the job’ and managers are under pressure, the little things can sometimes slip through. And they are the little things that a customer will always notice!

Overall, how restaurant staff and management perform reflects on us as a destination – excellence in customer service and care reflects well on the area and leads to positive experiences and in turn, great feedback and word of mouth recommendations.

This exciting new course  from the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI), Perfect Presentation with Customer Care & Operational Standards of Performance offers restaurant staff everything the need to know to be a competent and professional server. Your employees will receive realistic training from grooming and deportment to operational standards of procedure. Your employees will be more focused, more motivated, and above all, results-driven.

Included in this one-day course is a further Training session for the Restaurant Manager on how to develop and implement Operational Standards and also how to design their own personal audits for their business.

All the above will be carried out through the use of a Power Point Presentation and role play.

 – Introductory Cost of €450 per half day and €699 per full day

 – A 15% discount is available on above price for all RAI members

 – Onsite training

 – Up to 20 participants per course

 – Training Manual provided

 To avail of this training, contact Niamh O Malley: RAI by calling 01 -6779901 or emailing [email protected].


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