Scuba Diving in Mayo and Killala Bay - Visit North Mayo

Scuba diving in Mayo is surprisingly popular, and Mayo North has some of the best diving spots in the country with fantastic dives located all along the coast from Lacken to Ballycastle and out to Belmullet.

Dive tourism to the region is significant, with visiting clubs a regular feature. Families of divers enjoy the tremendous natural beauty of the area, while beneath the surface of the Atlantic Waves lie treasures unseen by so many.

Photo: Grainne Uaile Sub Aqua Club and Search & Recovery Unit

Plans are afoot to create some really unique dive sites in the North Mayo/West Sligo region with the sinking of a ship in Killala Bay for the purposes of creating an artificial reef with a 50-year lifespan.

Local diving club, the Gráinne Uaile Sub Aqua Club is a source of information on most things related to diving in the area, and you can also contact Teach an Uisce, a dive family in North Mayo who live for the water!

Below is a video which captures the richness of the North Mayo diving experience, put together by Oliver Buckley.

About the Gráinne Uaile Sub Aqua Club

Located in Ballina, The Gráinne Uaile Sub Aqua Club is over 40 years in existence.  Each year the club members have been diving the coastal waters of Mayo and Ireland regularly.

The club has professionally trained scuba instructors as members, and has trained and introduced many new divers to the wonderful and amazing experiences achieved through scuba diving in Mayo. Each year the Gráinne UaileSub Aqua Club welcomes new members.

Within the club exists a specifically trained and dedicated 100% voluntary underwater search and recovery unit. This unit has been in place and available to the Ballina and greater community for nearly all of the 40 years the club has been in existence.

Search and recovery divers travel to and from searches at their own expense in order to provide an underwater search and recovery service to the community at times of unthinkable tragedy. This unit is the only underwater search and recovery unit available to the Irish Coast Guard in the Mayo and Sligo region.