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Are you looking for a unique indoor holiday activity in Ballina? If so, then Studio Five Reformer Pilates is perfect for you!

Ever since discovering Reformer Pilates 16 years ago, it has always been an ambition of Sinéad Sheehan to have her own Reformer Pilates Studio. She became STOTT certified in 2014, and when she and her family moved home to Ballina after a 14 hiatus she found a beautiful location at the Quay, Ballina and opened Studio Five in November 2021. Sinéads passion and dreams became a reality.

Reformer Pilates explained

Studio Five Reformer Pilates is based on the picturesque Quay just outside Ballina. The studio has six reformer machines designed to take your Pilates work out to the next level. The famous and influential – from Margot Robbie to Meghan Markle – swear by the body conditioning benefits of Reformer Pilates. It combines the traditional principals and movements of mat Pilates with a Reformer machine. These machines contain a foot bar, carriage, pulleys, and five springs of varying tension that can be adjusted to suit individuals fitness level or needs.

Exercises are performed in a slow, controlled movement and utilises your entire body to improve muscle tone, strength and posture. Smaller muscle groups are also isolated, and deep core stabiliser muscles are recruited.

Reformer Pilates is an ideal workout for anybody. It’s low impact movements and customisable springs make it the perfect place to start your exercise journey or to complement and energise your existing training routine. Reformer Pilates is also the idea rehabilitation tool for people suffering from a number of musculoskeletal issues, but especially back pain.

About Studio Five Reformer Pilates

The offering at Studio Five is unique. It is a small boutique style studio that’s open to people of all levels of fitness and abilities. Assisted by two instructors, Leah Owens and Grace Murphy, Studio Five caters for every level from beginner to the more experienced. They also do private classes on request these classes are ideal for those rehabilitating injuries. They also offer one off classes for visitors – making it the perfect holiday activity! Be careful though, you may well become hooked!

The location is perfect over looking the beautiful river Moy and gorgeous Belleek Woods. There are also some fabulous businesses close by. All worthy of a visit.

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Tel: +353 85 250 0309
Email: [email protected]

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