Exhibition: Tall Tales and Deadly Drawings  – 5th May – 17th June 2017

An event in homage to storytelling and books

Tall Tales and Deadly Drawings at North Mayo Heritage Centre storytelling and books

The Tall Tales and Deadly Drawings exhibition runs from 5th May until 17th June at the North Mayo Heritage Centre and it recalls much loved books that have been an inspiration over the generations. This exhibition celebrates storytelling and books, and has been organised in collaboration with the National Library of Ireland, Mayo County Council and a number of private collectors. It is free of charge to the public.


Storytelling and books in North Mayo

Stories are part of our culture and heritage in North Mayo. Countryside areas were home to storytellers while these same landscapes inspired many of the events told in those tales. Weaving a tall tale and listening in wonder was part of the experience of our grandparents’ generation. The stories that appear in books are another type of treasure. Over the years, these stories that have been written down have come to live on the shelves of libraries and in homes. The Tall Tales and Deadly Drawings exhibition invites us to celebrate storytelling and books in North Mayo.


Reading traditional children’s books

In Tall Tales and Deadly Drawings, there is a special emphasis on traditional children’s books, which might have been read on long childhood summer days or on rainy days, borrowed from the local library, after a curious quest on a weekend, or which a child might have been lucky enough to receive as a gift from a relative. We can find again beloved characters (children, animals) and awaken memories as we see familiar, but long forgotten, book covers. One wonders to what extent these special children’s stories have become part of us, as all great stories have done throughout the ages?



Pictures and drawings

We conjure images about the story in our imaginations from what we read, from the pictures on the book’s cover, or sometimes a simple pencil illustration on the inside of the book imprinted itself for a long time on our imaginations. The Deadly Drawings in this exhibition will fire the imagination about stories, life and mysteries. As we celebrate storytelling and books in this exhibition in North Mayo, we also consider the pictures that accompany the stories.

In the Tall Tales and Deadly Drawings exhibition, you can revisit books and stories that have inspired over the years. Come along and see these delightful books, which cause us to remember enthralling stories full of wonder. As we celebrate storytelling and books in North Mayo, let us awaken our imaginations.


For further information on Tall Tales and Deadly Drawings exhibition

Contact: The North Mayo Heritage Centre, Enniscoe, Castlehill, Ballina.

00353 (0)96 31809




About the North Mayo Heritage Centre

The North Mayo Heritage Centre aims to preserve and promote the precious heritage of the North Mayo region. It is located on the grounds of Enniscoe House and gardens, close to Crossmolina, and a short distance from beautiful Nephin Mountain.

The Heritage Centre is home to a museum and a Family History Centre (it provides genealogical research for parishes in the northern part of Mayo). There are three charming gardens and a looped walk. The Organic Garden is a jewel of the Centre.

There is a rich catalogue of exhibitions for 2017, which are unmissable cultural experiences. They provide an opportunity to understand our heritage and ourselves, local and visitor alike, in a greater roundness.

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