The Breathtaking Stags of Broadhaven - Visit North Mayo

The breathtaking Stags of Broadhaven as seen from Erris Head, North Mayo in the west of Ireland.

The Stags or Na Stacaí as they are known locally are a group of five steep rocky islands with a height of almost 100m above sea level. They are located almost 3km off Benwee Head, Kilgalligan.

The central island, Teach Donal O’Clerigh being the highest at 97 metres in height. The two most southern islands are the next two highest Teach Mór 93 metres and Teach Beg 71 metres. The two most northerly of the five islands weighing in at Carraig na Faola 30 metres and An-t-Oighean 75 metres.

They are a popular nesting place for many seabirds such as Puffin, Fulmar, Storm Petrel and Kittiwake.

The Stags are also very popular with kayakers as the Stags have many interesting features such as caves and sea arches.

The Stags of Broadhaven under a strong noctilucent cloud display. Photo @ Cian Ryan

The Stags can be viewed clearly from Erris Head. ‘The Erris Head Guided Walk’, is a guided walking tour conducted by Alchemy Tours. This is a tour we are happy to recommend. Whatever the weather, this guided walk is a ‘must do’ for energetic visitors. Erris was voted by Irish Times readers as ‘The Best Place to go Wild in Ireland’, so what better way to enjoy it.