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Christian Sites and Spiritual Attractions in Mayo North

Explore and discover Ireland's spiritual past in Mayo North

Visitors interested in exploring Ireland’s rich history of spirituality will find the Mayo North region an ideal base to discover Ireland’s sacred past and connect with ancient and modern religions. There are many Christian sites and spiritual Attractions in Mayo North, which has a rich ecclesiastical history.

The international gateway to the area – Ireland West Airport Knock – is just miles from one of the world’s leading Marian shrines at Knock village where an apparition of Our Lady, St.Joseph and St. John the Evangelist was reported in 1879. Knockhas been a centre of pilgrimage for over one hundred years and has a modern Basilica and a museum. Pope John Paul II visited Knock Shrine in 1979.

Further north in the Moy Valley Region, there is striking evidence to be found of the areas prominence as a centre for disciples of Celtic spirituality. In the environs of Ballina lies a fascinating trail of monastic ruins dotted along the River Moy, known as the Monasteries of the Moy.  The Augustinian Abbey in the centre of Ballina dates from 1427 while Rosserk Abbey was built for the 3rd Order of the Franciscans in 1440.

Pagan Worship and Megalithic tombs

A short trip away to county Sligo is Carrowmore, the largest assemblage of megalithic tombs in Europe. Close by is majestic Knocknarea mountain, topped by a cairn reputed to hold the tomb of Maeve – the ancient warrior Queen of Connaught. Here the link between myth and reality blurs as it remains the largest unopened megalithic tomb in Ireland.

Ireland’s patron saint, the world famous St. Patrick, is said to have lived in Mayo and Ballina and has a shrine to make the place where he is believed to have preached. The town’s historic Leigue cemetery has an early Celtic cross and church ruins dating back to before the 8th century.

Did you know?

The majestic Moyne Abbey has the markings of shops carved into its wall from when it was a centre of learning for scholars from home and abroad.

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Spiritual Tourism sites in North Mayo/West Sligo

Visit the Abbeys of North Mayo

North Mayo is home to at least six historic abbeys, each with their own fascinating story. Four of these form the basis of the


Attymass: The Father Peyton Memorial Centre

The Father Peyton Memorial Centre, situated in scenic Attymass not far from Ballina, commemorates Father Patrick Peyton, the “Rosary Priest”. The Father Peyton


Tobar Mhuire, Mary’s Well – A Calm and Peaceful Place

Tobar Mhuire (Mary’s Well), nestles in the North Mayo countryside, a stones throw from Rosserk Abbey. A grassy footpath brings you to a


Moyne Abbey – an impressive North Mayo ecclesiastical ruin

Moyne Abbey is one of the most impressive ecclesiastical ruins in Mayo and a National Monument. It was founded by the Burke family


St. Muredach’s Cathedral Ballina in the Diocese of Killala

St. Muredach’s Cathedral Ballina is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Killala. The Diocese of Killala encompasses North Mayo and West


Rosserk Friary (Rosserk Abbey)

Rosserk Friary, one of Mayo’s best preserved ecclesiastical ruins lies some 7 km north of Ballina in Killala, on the banks of the


Killala Round Tower & St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The town of Killala was for centuries the ecclesiastical hub of North Mayo. It is a town rich in ecclesial heritage and monuments.


Historical Leigue Cemetery – a fascinating part of Ballina’s history

The historic Leigue Cemetery located in Ballina and is one of the largest burial grounds in County Mayo, at 15 acres with over