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Foxford 📷 Bartek Rybacki and Mayo North

Foxford is nestled between the Ox mountains and the Nephin mountain range. This world renowned fisherman’s Mecca on the Moy has lots to offer in terms of spectacular scenery, walking trails & historical heritage.  Outlined below are just some of the excellent things to do in Foxford – “the Capital of the Moy” – and its surrounding area.

1.  Weave some memories at the award winning Foxford Woollen Mills

Foxford Woollen Mills is one of Foxford’s most iconic landmarks. The tour brings visitors through the amazing story of the origins of the mill in the late 1800’s right through to the working mill as it is run today.  Visitors can see first-hand the mastery of tradition, design and craftsmanship that goes into every single Irish made Foxford product. Why not browse the Foxford store, a treasure trove of world famous Foxford products. Visit the Foxford Jeweller or pop by the Café at the mill which features a wide array of local and seasonal produce.

Described as “A unique visitor experience”, Foxford Woollen Mills is definitely one of the top things to do in Foxford.

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2.  Visit the Michael Davitt Museum

The Michael Davitt Memorial Museum is located in the nearby village of Straide. The museum houses an extensive collection of documents, photos, prison records, police reports, Land Acts, letters, postcards, posters and other items belonging to Michael Davitt. Founder of the Irish Land League, Michael Davitt is one of Mayo’s most famous sons. There is also the excellent audio-visual presentation which enhances the exhibition, with knowledgeable and friendly staff also on hand to give you a guided tour.  This tour encompasses Davitt’s grave and also Straide Abbey, if desired. 

In addition to this, don’t forget, on departure from the Michael Davitt Memorial Museum, you will receive a free pass to the award winning Céide Fields. Just another great reason to stay a little longer and explore North Mayo! 

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3.  Learn about Argentina’s National Hero – Admiral William Brown 

Mayo-born Admiral William Brown is worshipped in Argentina. This is the country he helped create with famous victories over Spanish and Brazilian fleets, usually against overwhelming odds. Over 1,000 streets, 400 statues, several towns and a major city bear his name in his adopted land. This little town in North East Mayo is the home place of Admiral William Brown. While you are in Foxford it is definitely worth your while to take a stroll down by the memorial which is located on the banks of the River Moy. It will give you a great insight into the life in which the admiral lived.

For more information: Admiral William Brown Society


4.  Enjoy a pint of Guinness in one of Foxford’s many bars

Overlooking the world famous river Moy, Foxford hosts an array of quaint, Irish pubs that are renowned for a great pint of Guinness. It has everything, whether it is live music you are after or a quality chat with knowledgeable locals about fishing in the area. There is a whole host of public houses that will welcome you with open arms.  The choice is yours…

5.  Things to do in Foxford – Take a walk on the wild side

Situated on the River Moy, the picturesque town of Foxford is nestled between the Ox and Nephin mountains.  Foxford is the ideal location for a relaxing, stress free break away from the routines of working life. There are a number of loop walks in the area and they all vary in distance and difficulty. The Foxford Way Loop is 33km long and is one of Mayo’s finest walks, with the Ox Mountains on one side and the distinctive Nephin Mountain on the other.

Larganmore Loop and Prebaun focus on country lanes bog tracks and hillsides, taking in sections of the Foxford Way.  The Callow Loop takes walkers through country lanes, and bog tracks taking in sections of the Foxford Way and vistas of Callow Lake.  The Shanwar – Belgarrow Loop will bring walkers through the scenic and wonderful views of Nephin and the Ox Mountains.

For more information:

Foxford Ramblers Walking Club:  Foxford Ramblers Walking Club


6.  Catch a day’s fishing on the Moy or the local lakes 

With its close proximity to some of Mayo’s prominent fishing lakes and rivers, Foxford is a highly popular fishing holiday destination. In fact, the world class River Moy which runs through the area is one of the most popular salmon fishing rivers in the world. It is definitely one of the top things to do in Foxford.

Fishermen and women come from near and far, to cast their line, in the hope of catching that fish of the day. Atlantic salmon, brown trout, sea trout, pike, perch, cod and mackerel are but a few of the species the angler can expect to catch in a day’s fishing in the Foxford region.

Within easy reach for an enjoyable day’s angling are the famous River Moy, Lough Conn, Lough Cullin, Killala Bay, Lough Mask, Deel River and the Owenmore River.  Experience a day with a qualified boatman who will show you where to go, what to do, and all you need to know to cast and catch a prized Salmon. Boatmen guides and all types of tackle is available from Tiernan Brother’s fishing and tackle shop.

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7.  Drive to Pontoon and explore the lakes

Take a drive to Pontoon, a famed angling destination for fishermen from many corners of the globe. Located on the shores of Loughs Conn & Cullen, this beautiful lakeside village is the perfect location for a wander. Why not stop by one of the local Foxford supermarkets and stock up on supplies for a picnic at one of the idyllic locations in Pontoon?


8.  Things to do in Foxford – Enjoy a murder mystery break

Guarantees you will have the most hilariously fun and exciting break away ever. People are dying to get here and some of them do! Others get away with Murder; but then again some just leave such a trail of evidence that the incompetent police inspector even looks good.

So for an exciting, relaxing and fun filled experience, why not try something different…if you dare!

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9.  Sample some authentic Neapolitan style pizza at The Pizza Pod Mayo

If you are a pizza lover, then pop by The Pizza Pod Mayo during your Mayo North adventures. They bring a slice of Italy to Foxford and create handmade, authentic Neapolitan style pizza! Tony & Susan McCready and the team at The Pizza Pod Mayo create their mouth-watering authentic Italian pizza with great love and attention using premium Italian and Irish produce. Pizzas are made with a clear passion for quality ingredients and flavours together with a desire to share the experience with everyone! The result is very simple – absolutely delicious pizza!

The Pizza Pod is situated in the Goat car park in Foxford town on Friday and Sunday evenings (subject to change, please keep an eye on their Facebook page for details). If you are a pizza lover, then don’t take our word for it……just check them out!

(They also hire out the pod for all types of functions in Mayo and neighbouring counties, so if you have an upcoming festival give them a call.)

Tel: Tony/Susan – 085 746 4922 | Email: [email protected]  | Visit: The Pizza Pod


10.  Hennigan’s Open Farm and Heritage Centre

Hennigan’s open farm and heritage centre is just over 3 miles from Foxford, off the main Swinford Road. Overlooking Creagaballa Lake, the centre incorporates an authentic thatched house, an originally themed farmhouse & farm. Visitors are able to experience how people lived in a frugal self-sufficient community. This was a time when work was hard and luxuries few. It is a revelation for the younger generations and an authentic experience of life and traditions in rural Ireland.

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