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Westnet specialise in getting customers in remote parts of Mayo connected to the internet. Where many larger providers overlook these rural areas, Westnet delivers a vital service. In an age where many people rely on an internet connection, Westnet helps to keep these remote locations connected.

Originally conceived by Paul Cunnane and a group of like minded investors in 2005, initially with the aim of providing wireless broadband across the region. This has now expanded and evolved as they work with National Broadband Ireland enabling them to offer faster speeds to keep up with modern day life.

Services and Speeds

  • Fibre Optic The fastest broadband available. A growing number of areas in Mayo now have Fibre Infrastructure running to their front doors. With speeds of 500Mb/s you can browse online, stream HD videos or download music with no delays.
  • VDSL – Cable Broadband (VDSL) service is now available in many Mayo towns. This is the fastest broadband available over the original telephone networks. Westnet connects homes via cable to the cabinet, delivering speeds of 20Mb – 100Mb depending on your location and distance from your local exchange.
  • Wireless Access – Where no other alternatives are available, customers in remote locations can avail of wireless access. This involves the installation of an outdoor antenna in a fixed location. The antenna has a cable running indoors to a wireless router, which provides WiFi to the customer’s devices.

For a full list of speeds and services, please visit Westnet’s website listed below, to discover which options are available to you.


Web: www.westnet.ie
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +353 (0)87 644 7897

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